The time I almost got kidnapped in Safeway ! πŸ€”

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Hey crazy, beautiful family! How are you all? Hopefully doing fine. Today I am going to be talking about … the day I almost got kidnapped in Safeway! 

I had to be around 8 or 9 when this happened. But thank god I wasn’t one of those stupid kids that is trusting to strangers. I guess you can say it was probably all of the speeches I heard from my grandma. I can still hear those words till this very day! Everytime I went outside she would always and when I say always I mean ALWAYS tell me not to talk to strangers and till this day it stuck. But this is the very thing that every child needs to know! 

Me and my mom and grandma were shopping in the Safeway in our area when I noticed a Caucasian man watching me. Now at first I didn’t think anything of it until we passed the isle and I saw him again! Now I realise that yes it may have looked like I was alone because well … I was lagging behind and dragging my feet but my grandma and mom were within reach and always near me. But not close enough for him to see. I guess he thought that I was alone. Two more isles down and the strange man is still staring at me. That is when I ran up to my grandma and told them about him. Which of course they looked and saw him too and he did it again! Thats when they called for a manager but by the time the manager was looking for this man he ran off and left the store. It always makes me wonder what if I had never told them, what would he have done and would I have been just another face on a missing child poster? Parents if you have not taught your child about the importance if stranger danger you should now, because you never know what pervert is on the prowl and if your child may be his/her next target. Down below I will list to websites that might help. 

If there are any kids, tweens or even teens reading this please be aware of strangers! Just because he or she says that that your are going to get something out of it please don’t believe them! They will say anything to get you to do what they want you to do and you never know how many kids they have done that too. Be safe, don’t talk to strangers and most importantly trust your instincts!

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What to teach your child about strangers.

Key facts about missing children.


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