My First Trip Gone Wrong?! 😨😱

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Hey crazy, beautiful family! If you are new here be sure to like, share and subscribe and join our crazy family. If you are already a subscriber thank you! And welcome back. Today I am going to be talking about my first vacation ever and how it turned sour! Hopefully I can make this as short as possible.

A couple of months ago I went to Benton Harbor, Michigan. I planned & paid for my vacation. I packed & repacked my bag more times than I can count! I had never been on a plane before so naturally I was scared. I guess it is also all of the things I have heard about planes. I mean my mom did work at the airport & worked up close with the airplanes. Add that in with my adrenaline rush but yet still a big fear of heights with the fact that airplanes basically are compared to cans of soda doesn’t make it any better! Plus to make matters worse a couple of days before my flight my son had lost my I.D. so I had to go down to the DOL to get another on, but I knew that all they would do was issue me a paper I.D. & send the hard copy to my apartment. But I didn’t have time to wait for the hard copy so I had to take my hard copy & to be safe I took my birth certificate too! Can’t be too safe right? Cut me some slack it was my first time flying!

The day of my flight I had to go to work from 6:30am to 2:30pm like I normally did but this time I didn’t take my break until 2pm so that I could go catch my plane which was at around 4’ish. I basically ran to the tunnel & boarded the link light rail to Sea-Tac airport, basically ran down the airport tunnel to a kiosk to get my plane ticket & headed to the security check point. When I finally got to the check point I had to show them my I.D. & they had to call a higher up in order to let me through. After that was over a overly friendly pat down & a messed up bag was what I got. After all of that I got on my plane & had an hour & a half to wait. 

When we finally boarded the plane I looked for my isle put my bags away & waited for the rest of the people who I would be forced to be stuck next to in small quarters on the plane for 4 almost 5 hours. When I met a woman on boars who happened to be in my row. She was really sweet! I told her how it was my first flight and that I was nervous, so she showed me how to pop my ears to relieve pressure after lift off. She bought me something to eat & told me that since its my first flight I might as well go all out! Mind you this was a complete stranger who didn’t know me at all. We talked, we laughed & even shared some stories, then bided eachother a farwell when we landed in Chicago O’Hare Airport. We gave the best wishes to eachothers trip. She was going home while I was someplace completely foreign.  Thank you for making my flight truly amazing! I really appreciated it. 💖

I landed in Chicago O’Hare Airport around Midnight to 1 am. Got picked up & had to endure a hour & a half long drive to Benton Harbor, Michigan. For most of the days I spent with people I didn’t know except for 1 person. The rest of the time I spent in Saint Joseph because I loved their beaches there, like Silver Beach was a beautiful area to be in. Well … not exactly a beach, although I wanted to call it that. I loved being at Michigan Lake. I bought pizza from the Gelsosomos Pizza, rode a peddle bike that held either 3 adult & 2 kids or 6 adults & 2 kids. I paddle boarded for the first time & loved it. And of course I went shopping there ! 

Until one day me & the person I was staying with went to the beach his friend came. Mind you he drove all the way to Saint Joseph with no tags or a license plate on his car. Not the person I was with but his friend. At first I had a bad feeling about getting into the car but I suppressed that feeling & got into the car. When leaving the area 2 cops cars went by we didn’t think they saw that the car didn’t have a license plate, so the driver stopped at a gas station to get gas. That was when we saw the cop again. They pulled into the gas station & quickly left when they saw that the car was not moving. They circled the gas station for a couple of times. 

During all of this almost everyone in the car was thinking about walking. That was when I saw him. A guy I never met was trying to call me over to a black suv that he was sitting shotgun in. Again I had a bad feeling about the situation so I stayed away from the black suv & the guy riding shotgun in it too. I stuck mostly to being near the gas station & the gas pump. The guy in the black suv called over the person I was staying with and asked him a couple of questions about me. He told him that I had just gotten there which wasnt a lie. But the man in the black suv thought I was someone I wasn’t, the girl who caused him to lose money in a gambling game. The girl who I never met but would’ve lost my life for due to me supposedly looking like her. The man in the black suv had a gun and was willing to kill me & the person defending me. When you go on a trip you never expect that you are going to lose your life!

When we got back to the place I was forced to stay in for another 3 or 4 days. I wanted to leave. I wanted to be anywhere but there. But I couldn’t leave so I opted out & started drinking. The person I was staying with called me selfish & that he was risking his life too. The thing is the whole time that happened I was thinking about my son. The son who is already fatherless due to his fathers own will or as I say my son’s sperm donor. I didn’t to add to my son also being motherless. He didnt understand that because those are things you don’t understand until you have someone who depends on you. But then again he also said that I should consider it as just another day in the harbor which I refuse to do! On the day I had to go home to be honest I was overjoyed to be leaving. 

When I arrived back at the Chicago O’Hare Airport I waited to board my plane which we had to wait over an hour for. Why? Because they didn’t tell the flight attendants that they were supposed to be on that flight. But … they went home. So we had to wait for more to come. By the time they did show up I had already missed my flight in Texas. When I arrived in Texas my flight to Seattle was just sat there for 15 minutes then pulling off. So American Airlines hooked everyone who was on my flight & was trying to get back to Seattle with hotels for the night, no sleeping on a hard bench for me ! The next morning I arrived back at the Dallas Worth Texas Airport & another pat down for me. I go to eat breakfast at Pappisitos Cantina (Tex Mex food) while I waited for my flight. 

When I boarded my plane I met a flight attendant, husband & his wife who were as funny as can be. It happened to be his wifes birthday that day. I don’t remeber what the flight attendant said but I heard the husband say “yeah I am traveling with my wife & mistress!” I almost spit out my drink it was that funny! 😂 We all were talking for the longest time. Me & the husband played messed around with the flight attendant & pretended like we were gonna grab a shot out of his draw & were shocked that the flight attendant gave it too us. We talked the remainder of the flight. The flight have to make a turn around because we were early so everyone who wasnt able to get a picture of Mount Rainer got it.

Honestly when the flight finally landed I was ecstatic to be back home. Far, far, far away from all of that drama. Safe, at home & with my son. 

The moral of the story is everyone deals with stressful situations differently, who are you to judge the way I choose to deal with it.

 Keep your head up. God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. 

-Author Unknown


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